Take control of tracking your calls

With Delacon’s online self-service provisioning functionality, you can easily add call tracking numbers to both existing campaigns and new marketing initiatives. When provisioned online, the numbers are generally available for immediate use.

This tool is great for marketers that want to take command of their call tracking and have the ability to configure call tracking as part of the wider process of setting up each new marketing campaign.

Accessed through Delacon’s secure portal by navigating to Online Provisioning, the steps to provision numbers are intuitive. The first step is to select whether you want to add the numbers to a new or existing campaign.

The second step is to select the volume of new numbers. If you select two or more numbers, then these numbers will be treated as dynamic numbers designed to track concurrent callers from a website. You can additional numbers to an existing pool of dynamic numbers under a CID or you’re welcome to create a new CID for a different set of dynamic numbers.

If you want to track the volume of callers from a single static call tracking number, then you should create a new CID and select one number. This option is best used for tracking calls from offline campaigns such as broadcast or print ads and from eDMs.

The confirmation page will summarise the call charges.

Delacon’s self-service online number provisioning feature will ultimately make it easier to include call tracking as an essential element for all promotional campaigns.


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