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As a leading third-party ad server platform, Sizmek MDX gives you the ability to design and place digital ads for local and global campaigns on any channel or vertical. Using Sizmek’s suite of analytics tools, advertisers can assess the success of their online marketing efforts and optimise the campaigns to yield the maximum return on investment.

However, if you’re only including online click data when measuring the results of campaigns initiated in Sizmek, you’re missing a key metric. Calls are just as important, if not more so, than prospects that complete an online submission form because they are generally closer to making a purchase.

With the inclusion of call data, you’ll be able to analyse all your online campaign performance and leverage greater insights into the customer journey both online and offline

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s no longer good enough to analyse online web conversions in isolation. By collecting both web and call data in one platform, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse online campaign performance so that you have a more accurate of campaigns that are driving leads, enabling you to better tailor your marketing activity.

By creating custom tags in Sizmek to track a call as a conversion, you’ll be able to analyse call and online campaign data side-by-side. Within the Sizmek platform there are both pre-defined and customised reports. Depending on your requirements, you can analyse the call data in the report that’s most useful to you, your business or your client.

Accessed through the Analytics platform, the Conversion Summary Report provides the results from individual ads and their placements. Together with served impressions, total clicks, total conversions and total conversions rate, you can also break down the conversions into web conversions and call conversions. This way you’ll be able to clearly identify the volume of calls generated from each marketing initiative.

The Sizmek conversion summary report with the Delacon call conversion tag

The Delacon call conversion tag