New User Management

Delacon’s New User Management Feature: How Will This Benefit Your Agency?

Delacon has recently released the new User Management feature, which will be of great benefit to Agency clients. New Users can now be created without the need for assistance from external Delacon Support, streamlining the user creation process for agencies and allowing for the new User to be created instantly.

Agency clients will be able to create a new User login with ease for your own staff. There are also different levels of access available through the Delacon portal, allowing for appropriate flexibility when managing your Delacon products, as well as assigning additional logins to your account. The logins currently available include the Master ID login, Agency/Super User login, and the User login. 

The Master ID and Agency logins need to be created by Delacon Support, however both are then able to create the new User logins. The Master ID login only allows for one user which gains full access to the account, whereas Agency logins can provide access to multiple Master ID logins.

With each new user, you are also able to assign different levels of permission. These permissions can limit what the user is able to see or give them access to certain features only. The permissions include Read Only, Service Only, Manage, and Integrations Only. This is of great benefit within large organisations, as multiple logins can be created and be fully customised with only the access the user requires.

The User Management feature is a simple way to provide more streamlined processes for Delacon clients. With the capability to create new Users without Delacon Support and fully customisable permissions, a whole new level of flexibility will be achievable within your organisation.

If you would like more information about our incredible new User Management feature, we’ve created a handy support guide, otherwise, reach out to our team directly. We’re always happy to help!