How to grow your customer base by valuing their time with Delacon’s Post Code IVR System

If you run a business which receives thousands of calls a day, you would understand that managing call inflows and volumes is integral to running an efficient and profitable business.  

With advances in technology and the increased importance users place on customer service, businesses are always looking for ways to make their customer service experience more functional, efficient, and feasible. 

At Delacon we have recently made an enhancement to our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) functionality to maximise the way customers interact with a business. The IVR feature allows customers to select from an interactive menu (press 1 for sales, press 2 to speak to an operator) where they will be directed to the area of the business they require.  

The enhancement to the functionality provides our clients with the opportunity to set their postcode and country location identifier directly from our new Delacon portal. This feature is especially useful for clients with multiple offices or stores who want to ensure their callers can engage with their nearest outlet.

The system will effectively and accurately route the call based on the postcode selection made by the caller, giving you the ability to improve your customer service experience and generate more sales. Our fully hosted IVR solution is also available as a standalone product or can be used within our advanced call tracking solution. 

How does Delacon’s Post Code IVR work?

The customer who makes the call to the business will be presented with a prompt to enter their postcode which will route their call to a pre-defined destination number. This is particularly useful for customers who may call from a different location to where they want to visit. For example, a customer might be away, but they would like to see if a particular product is in stock at a store closer to their home. Providing customers with more opportunities to contact your business will not only enhance your customer service experience, but it will ultimately increase your chance of converting a lead. 

There are three types of post code IVR set ups that we have available here at Delacon: 

Static Postcode IVR

A ‘Static’ postcode is when you must define each postcode you would like to transfer the call to, and for the postcodes that are not defined, the call will go to the default termination point or drop/discontinue. For example, if the postcode 2000 is set to terminate to 1300 990 999, then the customer who types in 2000 will be transferred to that number. However, for those that entered 2001, the calls will drop as 2001 was not defined in the setup.

Dynamic Postcode IVR

A ‘Dynamic’ postcode IVR is when the system will define where the call will be routed based on the customers input. Only selected postcodes are defined in the setup and undefined postcodes will be routed geographically to the nearest defined postcode. For example, when a customer calls the tracking number embedded on the website, if they input the postcode 2000, the system will direct the call geographically to the nearest call centre. 

Dynamic Postcode IVR with a Selection of Options

A ‘Dynamic’ postcode IVR with options allows the customer to pick their preferred store from the three nearest stores suggested by the system in the configured IVR setup.  For example, if a customer makes a call to the tracking number and if they input the post code 2003, the system will promote them with the 3 nearest stores. The customer can then choose which store they prefer to be directed to.  

What are the benefits of implementing Delacon’s PostCode IVR?

Flexibility – allowing users to enter their postcode will give them the flexibility to access the local service they are after, especially if the location is somewhere different to where the caller is currently located.

Save Time – you can now save your customers time when they interact with your brand or service by ensuring they are connected to their relevant location straight away.

Customization – Based on the entered Post Code, the system categorically customizes options for users in terms of their geographical locations and suggest their preferred stores accordingly.

Hassle-Free Navigation – Users can navigate through the IVR system in a hassle-free manner. It will provide more clarity on which users should be offered which stores as per their nearest location.

Higher Rates of Customer Satisfaction – Users will be provided with faster and more convenient resolutions, helping businesses to achieve rates of higher customer satisfaction.

If you would like more information on how to configure the Post Code IVR feature step by step, please follow our set up guide here or if you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.