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How Call Tracking can help the motor industry

Australian Motor Industry – A Roadmap for the Offline Customer Journey using Call Analytics

The Australian motor industry in going from strength to strength, but with the changing automotive habits of younger people, how will the industry fare in the future? More and more people start their journey to buying a car online, and competition is fierce; manufacturers and dealers need to make sure that their marketing budgets are spent wisely, and they need to know that they’re working with all the available data.

A case study provided by Google found that an average car buying journey can have as many as 900 digital touch points in a three-month period. 71% of these occur on a mobile device, with half of consumers using a mobile for research while they are visiting a dealership.

Even today, though, buyers will want to talk to someone – that’s where call tracking comes in. Read our white paper to understand all the ways that Delacon’s Call Tracking can benefit car manufacturers, franchise owners, dealerships, and service organisations.