Delacon Posts Record Revenue During 2020 Crisis

Delacon Posts Record Revenue During 2020 Crisis

Are phone calls the new “sexy” channel for digital marketing?

With digital marketing, online activity, apps, and companies driving customers online, many people have forgotten about phone calls. However, recent data would suggest that phone calls are an important channel for marketing now more than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all businesses. It is true that during lockdown, most businesses saw a decrease in calls. However, now that businesses have started to reopen, we are seeing a surge in calls. Industries that have seen the largest increase in calls include health insurance, general insurance, banking, telco’s, home improvement, and B2B products and services.

In fact, the general expectation that the new working-from-home culture would result in higher internet traffic, but also the volume of voice calls has seen a dramatic increase. With more people working from home, people are eager to stay connected and tend to prefer voice-to-voice exchanges rather than online exchanges. This hunger for human interaction extends to business interactions. Delacon has seen a record revenue growth during 2020, with August presenting the largest revenue month ever for the 20-year-old company. Phone call volume has doubled when compared to the total call time minutes from the same period last year (June – August).

Despite these statistics, many major companies have not been focusing their efforts on analysing and attributing their phone calls from digital marketing spend, instead choosing to prioritise other avenues of marketing.

With the increase in phone calls, businesses need to learn to adapt. CMO’s are demanding that marketers re-evaluate ad spend across all channels, including phone calls. With more calls coming in, it has never been more important for companies to ensure they are able to provide excellent customer service over the phone and track where these calls are coming from.

Delacon’s call tracking solution can help determine which marketing channels are producing the most calls, enabling optimisation of the right channels. Through Delacon’s speech analytics, calls can be recorded and quality controlled. Call flow can be managed to ensure more staff from the right departments are being scheduled during busier times to reduce wait time and improve the customer experience. Due to circumstances that no one could have predicted, there has been an unprecedented surge in phone calls as a result of “search” via the internet as one of the most popular ways for customers to approach a business. While phone calls have always been important for businesses, there has never been a better time to devote more resources to call tracking. Delacon’s call tracking solution can help companies manage, attribute and optimise their online to online channels, and ensure their ROAS includes phone call leads and sales.