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Top 5 reasons to track calls from an eDM campaign

When used with appropriate database segmentation, eDMs can be a highly effective method to engage prospects, keep customers inspired and to generate immediate sales. The gauge of email success comes down to your business objectives – but if you include a phone number on either the email or your website, then to obtain all available data, it’s important to track calls using Delacon’s call tracking solution.

Here are five reasons why you should consider accurately tracking calls generated through your eDM campaigns.

Measurement of all sale conversion options
The measurement of online successful cart completions is easily tracked through a standard analytics tool. However if the sale takes place over the phone, it is much more difficult to accurately identify the email as the marketing inspiration. By using a call tracking provider such as the solution offered by Delacon, you will be able to accurately measure all sale conversion options.

Track the complete journey
Encouraging the prospect to click through to a business website for more information is a common inclusion in many campaigns. By nominating the email as the source through a utm code, Delacon’s system is able to identify the whole journey, if the prospect decides to call from the website. This call conversion can be attributed to the email as the advertising source for more accurate measurement of the eDM success.

Split test the creative
The split testing of an eDM is an essential part of many campaigns. If you’re currently assessing the success of a split tested email creative based only on a click conversion, then you may be inaccurately favouring one email version over the other. Calls are just as important as clicks – if not more so. By taking into consideration both click and call conversions then you can confidently determine the most successful email version.

Split test the send time
Staggering the time you send the email blasts, could have a direct impact on the call response. Clicking through to a website and casually browsing can generally be carried out passively from wherever the prospect has a connection to the internet. However, picking up the telephone is much more dynamic action – the intent is stronger. Accurately measuring the volume of calls from each time period can help you better understand when your prospects feel comfortable making a call.

Divert calls to the optimum sales team
A key feature of call tracking is the ability to route the calls to the team best placed to convert the caller. There are numerous ways you could route the callers to different termination points. From a tailored eDM you could route all the calls to specially-trained team separate to your general call centre operators. Alternatively, you route the callers based on the advertised product. Ultimately, the calls can be diverted to maximise the conversion chance.

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