Real Time Live Google Analytics Call Dashboard

Real time call data displayed in a Google Analytics dashboard

Using Delacon’s call tracking integration with Google Analytics, you can populate a Google Analytics Dashboard with real time call data. In essence you can see the data associated to your marketing campaigns as the calls are happening. By configuring a dedicated Google Analytics Call Dashboard – you’ll be able to identify active callers when they’re on the phone to the call centre operators.

The metrics that can flash the moment the call is connected include, among others, the paid keywords the prospect used, the advertising source, the browsing device and the web page they’re on when they make the call. The location of the callers can also flash both at a country and a city level.

The live metrics are configured using Google’s Active Users functionality. The widget is then set to pull through the desired dimension and is filtered by the Delacon virtual URL page that signifies that a call has been made.

You can also configure your own custom widget that displays submission form conversions so that you have all your conversion points displaying on one screen.

Watch the call data display in real time

For aggregated results, the dashboard can be configured to include total inbound calls made during a certain period – it’s cumulative during the day. You can also show in separate widgets the online source and the landing page to name but a few. In addition to these standard Google dimensions, if you’re using Universal Analytics, you can also send into the dashboard additional custom dimensions that the Delacon system captures. Therefore if you’ve set up your campaigns under different CIDs within Delacon’s portal, you can see the volume of calls from each campaign in real time.

In this way, you’ll be able to see how prospects are responding to your marketing initiatives so that you can make appropriate changes as the campaign progresses.

You could also use this dashboard as an incentive tool for the sales team. By displaying this data on monitors in the call centre, the team can watch as the calls come in. Importantly, you’ll be making available to the team the types of keywords the prospects are using – this data can be used to guide the sales conversions to a more successful outcome.

The Google Analytics Call Dashboards can be customised to match your business objectives. Therefore you can match the data to whatever you’re trying to achieve for your marketing campaign, so that you can see a snapshot of the results as they’re taking place.

Lyndon Barnett

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