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Top 5 ways call tracking will help put customers at the centre of your business

Over the past year or so businesses have been embracing the concept of placing their customers at the heart of everything they do. This focus towards customer centricity may have inspired a raft of changes to the way you operate – from customer interaction to marketing initiatives and data analysis. As we’re about to embark on a new year, it’s timely to discuss ways in which call tracking will help a company just like yours to make your customers feel valued and special.

Sophisticated call routing
As part of Delacon’s call tracking solution, you can use sophisticated call routing to divert callers to the most appropriate sales team. Today, call routing is much more than IVR menuing with press one or press two. With postcode routing the caller can be directed to the store location that best suits their needs, while mobile call routing can direct callers to the store located nearest to them. In addition, with an advanced call tracking modification, we can use the call data to send callers to the call centre team trained to handle specific types of calls. Therefore in a theoretical model, callers who enter the keyword, “cheap,” into a search engine can be sent to a team dedicated to price conscious customers while those who enter, “quality,” can be handled by a higher-end focused team.

Call data available to the sales team in real time
Through Delacon’s technical integration with Salesforce, you can make available the captured call data to your sales team while they are on the phone with the prospect. The journey they made before picking up a telephone can be used by the sales team to guide the conversation to a more successful outcome. If the call centre operator knows the keywords they used, then that critical piece of data can influence the discussion. The result is a more targeted conversation that relates specifically to the customer’s needs.

Targeted remarketing to callers
Google has recently migrated all companies using its analytic’s platform to Universal. Under the previous incarnation marketing teams had the ability to remarket dedicated campaigns to prospects who made a call. However with the upgrade, it’s now possible to engage customers at a much more granular level using additional call custom dimensions. Cleverly designed, heavily-targeted campaigns that involve call data have the ability to drive them from a prospect ready to purchase to a customer.

Call recording
Call recording, a key feature of the call tracking functionality, gives companies the ability to improve customer service and enhance sales techniques. Ultimately, it will give you a better understanding of your customers so that you can learn how to better meet their needs and requirements. These recordings can be accessed through the Delacon system or emailed to a designated email address for ease of review.

Never miss a call
By using Delacon’s missed call alert, you’ll be able to respond to all customers no matter when they call and whether they leave a message or not. These email alerts can be sent to the most appropriate sales person for immediate follow up. The customer will appreciate the personal attention and feel like their patronage is valued. Additionally, the automated post call SMS360 will keep the conversation going after the call finishes.

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